Applications for Historical Research

This post seeks to clarify the applications used to write Philosophy of War. As previously mentioned, (see media tab) my inspiration to write this book came from my military background and research while in graduate school. However, experiences from my military background was not relied on for the book.

Training as a historian and research in graduate studies was utilized for writing the book. So, unlike many who serve in the military and write books pertaining to war, Philosophy of War was not influenced by my military background. Most of the books written by military personnel write about their experience. Moreover, they are usually writing about tactics used in a specific war.

While I have an appreciation for tactics learned as an infantry solider at Fort Benning GA., my book focuses strictly on theories of war and the justifications for waging it.

The theoretical foundation of the book is historical dialectics; it is not, therefore, didactic in narrative or scope. Any prescriptions are to be decided based on logic—demonstrated throughout the narrative.

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