Apostolic Succession Since Irenaeus

The early church fathers viewed the doctrine of apostolic succession as a very important factor for the church. The apostolic traditions are the unwritten oral traditions of Christ’s teachings passed down through the apostles. The word “apostle” comes from the Greek verb apostellein, meaning to send. Thus, an apostle is someone who is sent. In... Continue Reading →

New Testament Canon

The need for a canon was realized when various religious sects (Gnostics, Marcionites, and Montanists) distorted and fabricated religious ideas pertaining to Jesus and the Hebrew Bible. Some heresies that influenced the development of a canon were: Marcion and the Marcionite canon, Gnostics and their document the Nag Hammadi, Montanus and the two prophetesses. An... Continue Reading →

The Roman Empire & Christianity: An Integrated Approach

Abstract This research draws on the insights from two disciplines, history and theology, to answer a complex question regarding an ancient society’s culture and the religion that changed it. It begins with an overview of the literature from both disciplines pertaining to the research question. The question was analyzed from the perspective of each discipline... Continue Reading →

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