Open Door Policy

William Appleman Williams was a revisionist historian who interpreted the open-door policy as a strategy which would “set the terms of international competition in ways that played to America’s strong suit while also catering to America’s self-image”.[1]  Williams also believed problems with the U.S. economy was due to imperialism; essentially, the U.S. government was spending... Continue Reading →

Revolution and the Intelligentsia

There are many studies and publications on the Russian Revolutions. This section will not seek to cover the well-documented events that have become repetitive within the historiography. Rather, it will attempt to shed light on less-covered events that were still influential in the production of the revolutions. Sometimes going back more than a few years... Continue Reading →

Slavery, Immigration, and Economies

The following analysis pertains to illegal immigration, slavery, and the impact both have on economies: Historian William D. Philips Jr. is a history professor at the University of Minnesota. He wrote a chapter in Serfdom and Slavery: Studies in Legal Bondage titled Continuity and Change in Western Slavery: Ancient to Modern Times. Philips pointed out... Continue Reading →

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