Curriculum Vitae

Joel Steele


Joel Steele studied philosophy at the University of North Carolina as an undergraduate. He received a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University where he integrated the disciplines of history & theology to develop a final thesis: Christianity’s Impact on the Roman Empire.


  • PhD: Exp. 2023 | Liberty University

Coursework: Study of the peoples, movements, and cultures surrounding the ancient world. Special emphasis was placed on the impact of background material on the exposition of key segments of the ancient texts. Resources from ancient Near Eastern archaeological and literary discoveries were examined with attention given to their influence on informing the interpretation of various ancient texts. Historiography within the ancient world was explored with an emphasis on its impact upon ancient writings.

  • MA. Interdisciplinary Studies: July, 2019 | Liberty University

History & Theology

Coursework: Analyze historical approaches to American foreign policy from World War I through the Cold War era. Understanding the impact early Christian theology had on Western political development. Assessment of ancient Christian theology’s influence on political systems through the lens of globalization, geopolitics, war and diplomacy, and economic security.

Research Interests

  • The development of military thought and practices throughout history.
  • The relationship between war and society.
  • Christianity’s influence on Western values pertaining to the justification for war.